Patient Admission and discharge process

Patients admission process
  • At Accord Superspeciality Hospital, we understand the needs of our patients and strive to make the admission procedure as painless as possible. We enjoy making our patients feel at ease as soon as they arrive at the hospital.
  • As soon as the patient meets the front office staff, the admissions procedure begins. The patient is assigned a UMR (Unique Medical Record) number, which serves as his or her passport throughout the hospital. The patient can utilize the UMR as identification in any department or operation, as well as on subsequent visits.
  • The patient is also given an In-Patient Number (IP No.) that is unique to that admittance. Our billing and admittance department for in-patients (IP) is conveniently placed next to our billing and reception department for out-patients (OP).
  • When a consulting doctor suggests that a patient be hospitalized, Accord Hospitals' admission team assists the patient with the admission process. Patients are admitted to the appropriate ward based on the treating doctor's recommendation. The SIL (seriously ill) category, medico-legal category, or ex gratia category are among the categories indicated by the doctor. At the time of admission, a Visitor's or attend Pass is given out to only ward patients.
  • A single-pass will be issued for ICU patients’ visitors or attendants.
  • The admissions desk personnel recommends depositing a minimum amount at the accounts cash counter. The fee changes based on the area/ward where the patient is admitted.
Patients Discharge Process
  • The discharge paper is prepared in the ward and handed over to the patient when patients are discharged from their respective wards. Please note that from the time the verbal discharge instruction is given till the time the discharge paper is handed over, the process takes about 3 hours.
  • On the day of discharge, we recommend that you bring someone with you: a family member or a friend so that they are briefed on the dos and don'ts of post-discharge, basic self-help strategies, and health education.
  • After hospital dues are settled in the accounts cash counter, discharge is handed over to the patient's party in the ward.