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Dr. Akhilesh Mittal

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The radiology and imaging department at Accord is equipped with a comprehensive imaging system that provides radiology services to the patients 24X7. The services offered by the department cover a broad range of patient requirements such as Ultrasound, Doppler, Sonography, MRI, CT, Dexa, Intervention procedures, Mammography, X rays and Fluoroscopy. The advanced technology medical equipments help in rendering an accurate and early diagnostic care.

Radiology services are offered to patients of all age groups including old age patients, new born children, inpatients and ambulatory patients. The experts aim to actively push the boundaries of radiology and imaging by training in research activities and seminars regularly. In order to ensure that all the illnesses/diseases related to a patient are treated properly, the department works closely with almost all the other specialties on a regular basis. It is the needs of the patients that drives the doctors at Accord.

The imaging staff at Accord consists of clinicians, physicists, and imaging experts with years of experience to collaborate closely with doctors and surgeons alike to improve the quality care received by the patient at the hospital. The transactional nature and broad scope of our work has resulted in helping the department to develop new imaging techniques, leading-edge interventions and innovative diagnostic tools for better patient care.

  • MRI 1.5 Tesla Signa Explorer: The trend setting SIGNA explorer has been built to leverage the complete potential of the modern magnet. It provides an exceptional MRI patient experience along with an improved imaging performance and access to several innovative and latest applications. Not only does it help in improving the efficiency of the Accord doctors and staff, it is an ecomagination certified technology with a space-saving footprint too. With this powerful technology at its fingertips, Accord aims to provide a modernized patient comfort process, better workflow efficiency as well as cutting-edge diagnostic quality to its imaging system.
  • CT Scan 128 Slice Revolution: Revolution CT 128 Slice Scan helps in addressing the needs of all Accord patients, even the challenging ones. This latest technology equipment helps in delivering uncompromised imaging quality and better clinical capabilities by converging spectral imaging, temporal resolution, spatial resolution and coverage all in one click of a button. This machine helps in delivering differentiated and revolutionary capabilities across the different clinical areas. This technology has been designed to reveal the anatomical details that get obscured by metal artifacts, thus helping in diagnosing and treating diseases with greater confidence. Not only this, it helps in giving personalized care deserved by every Accord patient while maintaining an accurate patient care pathway.
  • X-Ray 400 MA (Static): The 400 MA Static X Ray machine at Accord offers high quality diagnostic and image quality precision unlike other conventional X Ray machines. This advanced radiology equipment helps in offering the Accord radiologists better images to as to give an accurate diagnosis. Not only does this advance next gen X ray machine use a high power generator otherwise used in other high end machines, it also reduces the exposure time for patients by 30% and lowers the radiation dosage by 25%. In addition, the technology is further complemented by computed radiography addition which provides exceptional X Ray digital images.
  • X-Ray 100 MA Portable(GE): This is the latest mobile X Ray technology that is often used throughout the hospital in almost all the departments – from in patient to Operating Rooms, to NICU and emergency room imaging. One of the most focal points of this machine is to provide a reliable, fast and a high IQ imaging results for doctor diagnosis. This gives the Accord Radiology department maximum clinical versatility and productivity. It is also faster, thus translating into a better patient comfort, lesser patient movement, improved image quality and a shorter breath hold. It is also easier in tough cases where the patient may be breathless or obese or in the paediatric or trauma cases where uncontrolled patient movement is a common occurrence.
  • Mammography Allengers Mam Venus: Allengers MAM Venus Mammography technology helps the Accord doctors in providing a fine balance of quality patient care with advanced imaging solutions. The machine has some special features like automatic release of the breast compression after the exposure that helps in the betterment of the patient experience. The unique design of the machine helps in increasing the diagnostic accuracy of the machine through anatomical programming radiography and digital display of the compression parameters. This is a high end cost effective digital mammography machine that helps in ensuring a better health care model for all patients. The machine has been specifically designed keeping the patient comfort in mind while also giving faster and more accurate biopsy procedure.
  • Ultrasound Portable Versana Active: The Accord diagnostic centre has adopted the world class Versana Active portable ultrasound for advanced and capable imaging solutions. Not only does this system deliver the console images in a lightweight and hand carried way, it is easy enough to be carried actively to the patients on hospital premise or in remote facilities. Keeping the patient comfort in mind, the system brings about the agility associated with a laptop unit along with the capability associated with a cart. The system is adaptable enough that it helps the Accord diagnosticians cover a broad range of everyday examinations while being easy enough to be carried to the physician offices as well as the clinics.
  • Ultrasound Voluson S8: The Voluson S8 Ultrasound system has been specially designed to handle the unique demands encountered by the busy Accord practice. It provides distinct answers to all the hospital demands. The legacy of innovation behind the Voluson S8 helps Accord in delivering excellent imaging results that can confidently address every doctor’s needs. The speed and clarity with which the machine provides critical answers also help in reducing the time spent in acquiring the images. Complete analysis and reporting of the results are performed with built in automated tools as well as sophisticated software applications.
  • Ultrasound Voluson Swift+: Designed especially for the women’s health concerns, the Voluson Swift+ ultrasound machine is a highly customizable piece of equipment that can be personalized to adapt as per the patient needs. The patient experience associated with Voluson Swift+ has the ability to transform the way a person views the process of ultrasound. The customizable and uniquely intuitive working of this machine aims for seamless integration and maximum comfort. The automated tools and artificial intelligence which the machine is equipped with helps in expanding the Accord hospital capabilities and inspiring confidence both among the doctors as well as the patients.
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Dr. Jitendra Kumar is really a caring Doctor and advise only what is required. Treat the patient very carefully, humble and caring his patients. Genuine and Honourable doctor. Must visit and advice for the treatment in accord hospital

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Rajesh Tiwari

Dr.jitendra kumar is an experienced frofesssional Doctor. He is so humble and down to earth . My experience in Accord hospital was really nice friendly and helpfull staff and doctor Jitendra kumar super best nephrologist Dr. I very happy all treatment.

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Naresh Bhati

Accord hospital is the best hospital in faridabad. They have the highly experienced team of doctors and there technology is highly advanced,they did which is possible only in accord hospital and under the supervision.Thanks to the team and best wishes to the hospital.

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Neeru Suryavanshi

I went for laser treatment under Dr Sonali Gupta, a senior consultant and HOD in Dermatology department. She clearly explained the line of treatment, answered all my queries and made me feel very comfortable.Infact post laser session the next day she called me personally to check on me . Thank you doctor.

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Divya Ahuja

Have been visiting Accord Super Speciality Hospital for my mother's treatment. Haspital staff is very helpful and Dr Simmi Manocha from the cardiology department has been very professional, polite and supportive. Her way of communication and treatment is very effective and easy to understand. Thank you.

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Gurudev Singh

Dr. Jitendra Kumar is agreat nephrologist in accord super speciality hospital faridabad.he is a Graceful, pleasing personality and the behind this personality is a doctor par excellence who is observent ,cool and calm .thanks

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Happy Singh

Very well experience with this hospital and Dr. Rohit Gupta is excellent ...quality and safety is very well and when we came here we had a great experience with doctor and hospital and their hospitality team ..overall experience and treatment was very good.

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Dushyant Vats

Dr Rohit Gupta is a very kind, experienced and top neurologist . He has done a miracle of treating my relative having a brain attack ( stroke) who was bed bound at admission and was discharged in walking state. He patiently listed patient problems and explained everything. In my opinion he is the best neurologist.Happily rating him five stars.

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Krishan Garg

Dr. Rohit Gupta is one of the few medical professionals I have come across, who understands your pain and in turn helps one to deal with it with ease and as much comfort as possible with his guidance and clarity;with which he explains the issue and course of treatment to a patient. I had a severe migraine problem, I am all good now just because of Dr. Rohit .I totally recommend him to all who are suffering from a problem of Migraine.

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Ajay Rawat

Dr.jitendra kumar is the best nephrology in India as my father was suffering from undiagnosed kidney side pain and Anxiety one of my friend suggested me about Dr.jitendra kumar Accord hospital .And after treatment for few days my father is feeling well and her condition is stable and better now . Thanks Dr.jitendra kumar and all Accord hospital staff.

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