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Dr. Jitendra Kumar

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Dr. Saurabh Joshi


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Kidney Transplants offer a lifeline for people suffering from chronic renal sicknesses, thus allowing them a chance to live normal life. This surgery is done to replace a diseased or dysfunctional kidney with a healthy one received from a living or deceased donor. This surgery is often the only option for people whose kidneys have stopped working completely. Also known as end stage renal disease (ESRD), it increases the dependency on the dialysis machine. Living persons are also able to donate their kidneys because the human body can function capably on one kidney as it does on two.

What are the different types of kidney transplants available at Accord?

If you are looking to pursue the kidney transplant as a treatment option for yourself or your loved ones, there are three main types that can be considered:

  • Deceased Donor Kidney Transplant: Under this transplant, kidney is received from an individual after he or she has suffered from brain or cardiac death. These are mostly received as per waiting list which decides who shall receive the kidney first.
  • Living Donor Kidney: Humans have two kidneys in their bodies but can easily function with one. Living donor kidney transplant happens when someone is willing to donate their kidney to the person in need. These living donors can be a parent, relative, friend, neighbor or even a stranger looking to help.
What is an ABO Incompatible Kidney Transplant?

In an ABO kidney transplant surgery, the patient’s and the donor’s blood type does not match. Though previously it was not possible to transplant such kidneys, recent advances in medicine have made it possible. Accord surgeons are today able to make ABO incompatible kidney transplant possible between living donors and some recipients. The surgery process also involves removal of antibodies to reduce the risk of rejection of the donor kidney by the body. Later on, antibodies are injected into the body to protect the patient from infections.

What is a Sensitized Kidney Transplant?

People with a highly sensitized immune system often reject a kidney transplant even if the organ is a perfect match. Without access to a specialized treatment, these patients often have no choice than to spend their complete lives on dialysis. At Accord, we are determined to make kidney transplant a successful option for all. Our expert team of doctors are experienced in managing and treating complex cases. We are also regular participants in innovative desensitization therapies and trials that give the patients access to potential lifesaving treatments that are not easily available at other transplant centres.

Is HIV Positive Kidney Transplant possible?

Advances in the field of medicine have today made kidney transplantation a viable option for appropriately selected HIV patients suffering from end stage renal disease. An HIV Positive person can both donate as well as receive a kidney. Though there are certain terms and conditions that need to be fulfilled, patients suffering from HIV have excellent outcomes and benefit from receiving a viable kidney. The doctors at Accord help the patients in going through the entire process while also helping them to manage common post-transplant management and complication concerns.

What is a Cadaveric Kidney Transplant?

Also known as Deceased donor transplantation, cadaveric kidney transplant takes place when a kidney is removed from someone who has recently died after the consent of his or her family and transplanted into someone whose kidneys are no longer functioning properly.

The kidney transplant team at Accord are nationally recognized experts renowned for handling medically complex cases. With decades of combined experience, the surgeons allow their patients to have options for successful transplant while creating the best care plan for them.

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Dr. Jitendra Kumar is really a caring Doctor and advise only what is required. Treat the patient very carefully, humble and caring his patients. Genuine and Honourable doctor. Must visit and advice for the treatment in accord hospital

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Rajesh Tiwari

Dr.jitendra kumar is an experienced frofesssional Doctor. He is so humble and down to earth . My experience in Accord hospital was really nice friendly and helpfull staff and doctor Jitendra kumar super best nephrologist Dr. I very happy all treatment.

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Naresh Bhati

Accord hospital is the best hospital in faridabad. They have the highly experienced team of doctors and there technology is highly advanced,they did which is possible only in accord hospital and under the supervision.Thanks to the team and best wishes to the hospital.

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Neeru Suryavanshi

I went for laser treatment under Dr Sonali Gupta, a senior consultant and HOD in Dermatology department. She clearly explained the line of treatment, answered all my queries and made me feel very comfortable.Infact post laser session the next day she called me personally to check on me . Thank you doctor.

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Divya Ahuja

Have been visiting Accord Super Speciality Hospital for my mother's treatment. Haspital staff is very helpful and Dr Simmi Manocha from the cardiology department has been very professional, polite and supportive. Her way of communication and treatment is very effective and easy to understand. Thank you.

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Gurudev Singh

Dr. Jitendra Kumar is agreat nephrologist in accord super speciality hospital faridabad.he is a Graceful, pleasing personality and the behind this personality is a doctor par excellence who is observent ,cool and calm .thanks

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Happy Singh

Very well experience with this hospital and Dr. Rohit Gupta is excellent ...quality and safety is very well and when we came here we had a great experience with doctor and hospital and their hospitality team ..overall experience and treatment was very good.

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Dushyant Vats

Dr Rohit Gupta is a very kind, experienced and top neurologist . He has done a miracle of treating my relative having a brain attack ( stroke) who was bed bound at admission and was discharged in walking state. He patiently listed patient problems and explained everything. In my opinion he is the best neurologist.Happily rating him five stars.

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Krishan Garg

Dr. Rohit Gupta is one of the few medical professionals I have come across, who understands your pain and in turn helps one to deal with it with ease and as much comfort as possible with his guidance and clarity;with which he explains the issue and course of treatment to a patient. I had a severe migraine problem, I am all good now just because of Dr. Rohit .I totally recommend him to all who are suffering from a problem of Migraine.

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Ajay Rawat

Dr.jitendra kumar is the best nephrology in India as my father was suffering from undiagnosed kidney side pain and Anxiety one of my friend suggested me about Dr.jitendra kumar Accord hospital .And after treatment for few days my father is feeling well and her condition is stable and better now . Thanks Dr.jitendra kumar and all Accord hospital staff.

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